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really interesting mechanics, definitely had to plan out what to do to set myself up for success. I beat the levels basically with the same strategy, but I can see these mechanics developing into a really creative puzzle platformer.

Thanks for testing! I've had a (too) long break from this project, but at some point I want to continue from here, adding and changing a lot of stuff, because yeah right now it is a pretty straightforward experience.

Looks like the start of a great puzzle-drop type game with some chasing creatures added to it.

Hey Atte!

I (eventually) really dug the game mechanics/verbs on this one a lot. You can watch me swear a bit and get frustrated and then eventually really get into it here (hopefully that links to the timestamp but if it doesn't you can go to YT and skip using the description):

I think the gameplay has a looot of variations you could explore and make a really compelling game here. Thanks for making it!

Thanks for playing and persevering through the initial obscurity. In the end you were playing the game really well! The punch (that happens when you try to shoot without points) is for breaking the blocks. I really also should have put the air jumping in the "instructions". I think because I saw this version so much as a WIP thing I was (subconsciously) reluctant to put time into guiding new players. 
(The current music is great but gets quite repetitive soon so that's why also the 'H' mute button is useful :))

The feedback about the harshness of exploding when going over the limit was interesting. I like how getting full can suddenly turn the area super oppressive and dangerous. But I probably will try to think some ways to soften that. Tom Francis wrote on his blog sometime how a wider spectrum of failure is usually better than a binary success/fail.

This is very weird and I like it.