Control with WASD and mouse look (at first the bitsy 3d first person camera can feel pretty quirky).

Silent Hill inspired lo-fi 3D exploration. Made in bitsy 3d

I added the bitsy source here if you are interested, paste the contents into the editor's game data window (you might have to refresh the page to load it properly).

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AuthorAtte Okkonen
Made withBitsy


opening_hour.bitsy 74 kB


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such a cool atmosphere! theres really a cool vibe that makes you want to explore!! jumped on bitsy3d right after it, l still wonder how you build a lot of it! awesome project!

Thanks! Figuring out how to do / can you do different stuff is kind of an interesting game in itself once you have an idea what are the things you're able to modify. You could do relatively complex environments... but since the tool is not really designed for that, managing the assets can get tricky fast.

This was such an impressive project. Excellent work with layering and 3D design. The sewers were especially impressive, along with your creative use of locks and keys. I really enjoyed the ending, although I didn't realize the point of the game until then. Even so, this was such a great project to stumble across!

Thank you! Yeah the main puzzle of noticing what sigil has all the right shapes is pretty obscure, especially the first time playing... but hey at least the bad ending is equally interesting/strange as the good one I think :)

Bitsy3d seems to have now some attractive new stuff like fullscreen view and custom resolution for images, so maybe I will try to make some kind of a successor for this in the nearish future.

I love it.

Thanks :)

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I like this game's art direction and you're right that it would be way better with sounds. I also really think you should find a way to fix that camera!

Thanks for checking it out, the bitsy 3d is still pretty new/in beta so let's hope it will have an option for a normal first person camera/movement in the future (can't do anything about it myself).