A downloadable game for Windows

Update 1: In game instructions, redesigned levels, some small audio and visual updates.

Update 2: More instructions, flashier blocks, controlled blocks won't activate slots anymore

How to play:

Fill the bottom slots with blocks you get by shooting the green creature heads.

Try to get this pattern: [ / ] [ -- ] [ \ ]

Holding [shift or M/R1] will copy your movement speeds to available blocks. Pressing [control or B/L1] will send blocks quickly down.

Currently controlled (gray) blocks won't activate slots. Send blocks flying freely by releasing the hold when in motion - or quickly send blocks down with [control or B/L1].

Creating new blocks: Shoot at the green bubble plant and collect the seed, your next shot will be a special shot that will change an empty creature head to a new green one.

Taking damage will corrupt the segment where you are. Taking damage in a corrupted segment will cause failure.

You can change the block's type by shooting it once.

You can bounce off blocks and the seed plant.

Controls (gamepad recommended)

Run, crouch, aim up & down: WASD / D-Pad
Jump: space / A button
Shoot: N / X button
Control block: shift or M / R1
Move block quickly down: Control or B / L1

Restart level: R / Start
Fullscreen: alt + enter
Mute music: H

Made in GameMaker2
With music by Antti Ylä-Rakkola


ToMeToMeToMe_postJamV2.zip 12 MB


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I had a lot of fun playing this! Gave me a good nostalgic feel, and I really enjoyed the challenging and unusual mechanics. There wasn't just one wacky thing to make this game different than most single-screen games, but a nice handful. Really felt like I was playing an old DOS game, or a forgotten arcade machine in the back row. Very nice! Will be returning to this one.